Home/[Video] See this Bedroom Before and After a House Fire

[Video] See this Bedroom Before and After a House Fire

Published On: June 19, 2017Categories: Fire Cleaning, Fire Damage Restoration

Bedroom Before and After Fire

Incredible! See how our team was able to restore this fire-ravaged bedroom to be good as new.

Our video with Home Ideas features Jerry speaking with Trish Murphy about the gamut of Intek services, and walking her through how our team was able to restore the bedroom pictured above to look good as new after a severe house fire.

House Fire Restoration in Sioux Falls

We handle all of the concerns you’ll have after a house fire – fire, heat, and smoke mitigation, reconstruction, and restoration.

Intek even helps you work with investigators and insurance adjustors to remove stress from the claims process.

Jerry also runs us through when the team might be able to restore wall hangings and other items with our fire cleaning services.

Other Damage to the Home

Trish and Jerry also talk about addressing water damage – moving clothes, furniture, and boxes out of harm’s way and calling Intek to combat the fallout of moisture, which could include mold infestation.

And of course, they touch on our well-known carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, and furnace & duct cleaning services.

Thank you to Home Ideas and Trish Murphy for letting us share about the ways we help South Dakota homes in crisis!

Need Help with Home Crisis Aversion?

If you’re facing house fire damage yourself, or any other home cleaning emergency, we’ll get you from the before picture to the after.

Contact Intek about any of our services online, or call our emergency 24/7 number at 1-800-456-5004.