Robotic Duct Cleaning Just Became More Effective

One of our most important tools for duct cleaning Sioux Falls businesses just got even more attractive. This summer, we added magnetic wheels to our duct cleaning robot, and they’ve been a huge help in making sure commercial duct cleanings are thorough and efficient. […]

How to Wrap Your Windows for Winter

Sometimes, you take all the right steps to get your home toasty – hunting down drafts, locking doors and windows, and having your furnace and duct system inspected – but it still feels like you can’t keep the warmth inside. Unless you’re sporting thick (read: expensive) windows, you’re probably losing a lot of heat right [...]

Room-by-Room Cabin Winterization Ahead of South Dakota Cold

As your house’s Game of Thrones fans know, winter is coming. (The HBO series just confirmed new episodes won’t run until next summer, because they need to film in colder weather.) Like the show, you’ll soon have to wait until next summer to enjoy your South Dakota cabins again. As you steal away those final weekends along the Missouri [...]

How Often Should You Vacuum Your Carpets?

We’ve been carpet cleaning Sioux Falls homes since 1984. We’ve seen all sorts of rugs and carpets – and what happens if you neglect them. So to pass on that knowledge, here’s how often you should vacuum your carpets to keep them in top form and not end up needing a costly replacement. […]

Home Inspection Checklist for New House Hunters

You've gotten pre-approved for a loan, gone house hunting, and found a home you love. Congratulations! But before you make an offer, you need to know exactly what you're getting into. You'll get a professional inspection once you're locked in, but until then, here's a handy home inspection checklist for you to consult so that you can [...]