Mild or Mildew: What’s the Difference?

You've likely heard the terms mold and mildew used together — perhaps even interchangeably. Both types of fungus can grow indoors, spread easily, are difficult to kill, and can produce negative effects on both your home and building structure.

How to Clean Your Home After You’ve Had the Flu

The flu is one of those things that seems to linger long after it’s actually gone away, doesn’t it? Since the flu is so contagious (you’re contagious before you show symptoms!) it’s tough to really know when you’re actually done fighting the bug. The best way to put an end to your time with the [...]

How Sioux Falls Janitorial Services Affect Your Company’s Bottom Line

Getting sick is bad enough for individuals, but having a swarm of employees come down with something is a manager’s nightmare. Germs are all over offices and other workplaces, and preventing your employees from getting exposed to unnecessary bacteria at work is imperative to your operation. Sioux Falls janitorial services could be the difference between [...]

What is SteraMist?

SteraMist™ photo by Tomi Environmental Solutions, Inc South Dakota, are you ready for a deep clean? We’re always working on small tweaks in process and products to make our cleaning services the best in Sioux Falls and other southeastern South Dakota towns, but it’s not every day we get to add a new service. [...]

Preventing Food Poisoning: Don’t Invite Norovirus for Dinner

If you run a Sioux Falls daycare, host big dinner parties, or just live in a home that takes time to cook a meal together, it’s imperative to the safety of everyone you’re feeding to keep a clean kitchen. Preventing food poisoning in your home isn’t a common concern, but all it takes is theimproper handling of [...]