All cleaning products are not equal.

Have you seen the cleaning products aisle lately? It can be overwhelming to decide the best way to clean and what products to use. We collected some common cleaning myths to help you understand what you need (or don’t need) for your next cleaning day.


    1. All cleaning products kill germs. Sanitizers and disinfectants are not the same. Sanitizers kill 99.9% of bacteria while disinfectants kill germs (such as viruses). Use sanitizers on less germy places like cabinets but use disinfectants on the kitchen sink and bathtub.
    2. You can wipe-up cleaning spray immediately. Read the label of your cleaning solution but disinfectants, typically, need to remain on a surface for 1 to 10 minutes. After the suggested amount of time, wipe up!
    3. Bleach is the only cleaner. Scented or color-safe bleach are not disinfectants. Additionally, bleach can damage the sealant of stone surfaces. Use an appropriate cleaner for each surface (but not every surface needs a specific cleaner).
    4. You must use special cleaners for every surface. Some surfaces, like natural stone, require special pH formulated solutions but most surfaces can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth and a little all-purpose cleaner.
    5. Natural cleaners work as well as chemical cleaners. Natural cleaners like water and vinegar are not the best at killing germs. When someone is sick try to use a homemade cleaner or EPA-registered disinfectant.
    6. All clean surfaces smell good. Scent comes from added chemicals in cleaners, and not from clean surfaces. Go ahead and use scented products to clean (except scented bleach), but know the smell does not mean clean.
    7. You should always wash clothes with cold water. Yes, cold water saves money and energy but it does not kill bacteria, mold, viruses, and allergens as well as hot water. Use hot water for bacteria-laden items like undergarments, towels, and sheets.
    8. Your washing machine is clean inside. Nope, germs can transfer during a wash or stay in your wash machine. To clean your machine, run one cup of bleach on the hot cycle (reduce the water level to the lowest setting). Don’t let laundry sit overnight as it can breed germs, and be sure to dry clothes on high heat.
    9. Frequent vacuuming ruins carpets. Frequent vacuuming can help your carpet last longer! When dirt and debris are pushed into the carpet, they can destroy the carpet fibers. Try to clean your carpet at least once a week to pull up the debris.

There are a lot of options for cleaners and cleaning techniques but we understand that every situation is different.

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