Cleaning Your Ducts and Furnace in Sioux Falls, SD

Have you ever wondered: what happens when you have your ducts cleaned?

The quick answer: they get clean!

Want more specifics? We can help you out. In fact, the process is painless. We wanted to walk you through getting your ducts cleaned so you know what to expect.

Why Clean Your Furnace and Ducts?

First off, why should you clean your furnace and ducts? Numerous research bodies have looked into this questions.

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is a leading research body. As noted on Angie’s List, their findings conclude that:

  • Duct cleaning is beneficial for reducing the amount of dust on the surface of return-air ducts only and not necessarily supply-air ducts.
  • Cleaning air ducts results in a lower concentration of microorganisms such as mold and bacteria.
  • Best practice involves cleaning the return-air ducts only and the air handler/furnace fan to boost air circulation.

If you see dust in your registers or suffer from asthma or other allergies, it is especially important to keep your furnace and ducts clean. It’s the air you are breathing the majority of your life!

When Should You Clean Your Ducts?

If you see dust in your registers or suffer from allergies, it’s important to have your ducts cleaned regularly. Additionally, we recommend having your ducts and furnace cleaned every 5-7 years. This extends the life of your furnace and keeps the air in your household clean.

EPA Recommendations

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has researched duct and furnace cleaning. They recommend also cleaning your ducts when:

  • You suspect that mold exists in the ducts.
  • You notice a vermin infestation somewhere in the home, or you see insects or rodents entering or exiting ductwork.
  • You see a visible “poof” of dust released from the supply registers when cooled air is exiting the vents.


What Happens When You Have a Professional Duct Cleaning in Sioux Falls?

Step 1: Arrival

The first thing you’ll see is the INTEK truck. We park nearby a door because the air compressor is actually in the back of the truck.

Intek Furnace and Duct CleaningIntek Duct Cleaning

Step 2: Identify Registers and Ducts

After our friendly technicians greet you, they’ll take a look around the house to count how many registers are in the house. We make sure to start at the top of the house and work our way down so all of the dust and allergens are pushed down and sucked out of the house.

Step 3: Clean the Furnace

After taking a look at the registers, we bring in equipment and connect to the furnace. We run a small hose from the truck to the house. Even on the coldest days, it leaves the door just a crack open so we can clean in all types of weather conditions.Intek Cleaning Ducts

The important key with duct and furnace cleaning is to suck the dust out not just blow it around. We connect to the furnace and turn on the air compressor and vacuum to start to clean the furnace itself. All of this is contained neatly in our equipment.

Duct Cleaning in Sioux FallsFurnace Cleaning in Sioux Falls

Step 4: Clean the Registers

After the furnace is cleaned, we start at the top of the house and put our high-pressure vacuum into all of the registers. Whether new or old, we clean not only the inside, but also the frame and area around the register.

The hose goes through the ducts and connects back to our vacuum so all of the dirt, dust, allergens and anything else in there gets cleaned out.
Air Vent Cleaning

Cleaning Ducts in Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls Duct CleaningCleaning Ducts and Furnaces

Step 5: Clean Up

We leave your house cleaner than when we arrived. We wear plastic covers on our shoes so we don’t track in any mud and we take care to clean both around the furnace and all the registers before we leave. We can work while you are away from home too, so you’ll come home and immediately feel a change in the air.

Let Us Clean Your Furnace and Ducts

Here at INTEK, furnace and duct cleaning in Sioux Falls and surrounding areas is what we do. Our professionals are not only trustworthy, they’re also the top rated in Sioux Falls, SD according to the Local Best.

Contact us to get a quote and schedule your cleaning. Or just call us at (605) 332-3006.

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