spring cleaning

Spring is in the air…spring cleaning, that is!

The time of year has once again arrived for us to break out our brooms and start scrubbing our homes clean. It’s time to turn our attention to those big projects we’ve been avoiding all winter–as well as the small details we often overlook.

While you’re busy washing your windows or touching up wall paint, don’t forget to clean these seven areas that most people neglect.

7 Spring Cleaning Tips Not to Forget

  1. Bathroom toiletries
    Personal hygiene products like loofahs, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, and even toothbrush holders are all prime breeding grounds for germs. Sometimes all they need is a good soak in soap or vinegar.
  2. Household items
    Like toiletries, everyday objects such as telephones, headphones, remote controls, and other handheld appliances are frequently used but rarely disinfected. Use microfiber cloths, and don’t spray cleaner directly onto the device.
  3. Trash cans
    It might seem counter-productive to clean the very place you put your garbage, but a dirty trash bin can smell as bad as it looks. Take your trash bins outside and give them a strong blast with the hose and an antibacterial cleaner.
  4. Air vents
    A lot of dust can accumulate between those babies after a year or even just a few months. Give your air and heat vents more than a quick feather dust and try using a handheld vacuum or even removing the vents completely to wash them by hand.
  5. Door jambs and trim
    You probably know to wipe down your doorknobs, but how often do you remember to clean above and below them? And don’t forget your sliding doors either–those tracks collect dirt and debris like nobody’s business.
  6. Light fixtures and fans
    It’s easy to forget the stuff hanging from the ceiling. Use an extendable duster or take down the light globes themselves–many can even go in the dishwasher.
  7. Below and behind appliances
    It’s certainly a pain to pull out your refrigerator, stove, washer, or dryer, but you’ll be shocked by the filth they’ve been sitting in all this time. Sweep, mop, and vacuum these areas well.

When most of us think of spring cleaning, we think of the big things: power washing, carpet cleaning. But it’s important not to ignore the small things too. Because even though they may seem like no big deal, they can gather tons of dust, germs, and allergens that are both unhealthy and unsightly to be around.

If the thought of conquering all that seems overwhelming, don’t worry. At Intek, we can help you with all your spring cleaning projects, both big and small.

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