Carpet Rake

You know about raking the leaves in your yard. But what about raking the carpet in your home?

Carpet raking, or carpet grooming, is a method of resetting the way your carpet lies. The process involves using a special rake or brush to either push or pull the carpet pile in one direction. The result is a smooth, fluffy appearance, free from impressions left by vacuums or feet.

Typically done before or after a cleaning, carpet grooming can help preserve the life and look of your carpet. Here’s how:


Grooming your carpet before treating it helps prepare the carpet pile for a better clean.

By pre-spraying the carpet and agitating it with a groomer tool, you can untangle, open, and lift pile yarns that have become matted over time. At the same time, you can loosen soil and hair particles that have become deeply embedded in the pile. This makes applying a cleaning agent much easier and extracting the particles much more efficient.


Grooming your carpet after cleaning it puts a polish on the carpet’s appearance and also helps extend the life of the treatment.

By raking the carpet after using a cleaning solution on it, you can help speed the carpet’s dry time and give it maximum light reflection. At the same time, you can smooth out the footprints, vacuum lines, and other marks left in the carpet. This eliminates any unwanted matting and crushing and resets the carpet nap back to its original state, making it seem brighter than before.

While some may view carpet grooming as time consuming and unnecessary, the difference between a raked carpet and a non-raked carpet is striking–and not just in appearance, either. Carpet grooming can ease the cleaning process and help restore the carpet to its original state so that future treatments are even easier.

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Photo: David Bruce Jr.