furniture cleaning in Sioux Falls

You paid good money for your furniture, and you use it every day. But how often do you remember to clean it?

Or maybe the problem isn’t that you forget to clean your furniture–maybe you just don’t know how.

Unfortunately, upholstery cleaning is not exactly the world’s easiest DIY project. With all the cracks and crevices found in most pieces of furniture–not to mention the delicate nature of most fabrics–furniture cleaning can be difficult, and it can even cause irreparable damage to the piece if done improperly. Unless you’re specially trained to handle it, furniture cleaning is often best left to the professionals.

At INTEK, we make furniture cleaning in Sioux Falls a breeze. We employ the same hot water extraction process we use for our carpet cleaning services to safely remove stains without leaving any residue on your precious furniture. We also use biodegradable products that are safe for both children and pets.

Our upholstery cleaning is thus gentle enough not to harm either your furniture or your family, but strong enough to remove all the soil that dulls the colors and weakens the fibers of your furniture.

INTEK’s furniture cleaning can even extend the life of your furniture. We offer a special fiber protectant to help guard your upholstery against future spills and soil buildup.

So give your well-loved sofas and chairs the love they really deserve. Contact us today to see how we can provide you with the best furniture cleaning in Sioux Falls.
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