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Meet Bruce Tirrel, Area Manager for Yankton INTEK

Published On: May 13, 2015Categories: The Intek Team

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The new Yankton INTEK location is up and running with Bruce Tirrel leading the team.

Bruce joins INTEK with almost twenty years in the cleaning industry already under his belt. He now mans the new INTEK site in Yankton, which is open for business.

To learn more about Bruce and his plans for the Yankton INTEK, we asked him a couple of questions.

What is your role with INTEK?

I am the Yankton area manager, so I’m in charge of all aspects of the business. Right now I’m working on some spring cleaning tasks for our customers including carpet cleaning.

What services does the Yankton INTEK offer?

Anything that the INTEK in Sioux Falls can do, we can do. We’re offering a full range of services, including tile floor cleaning and water damage restoration.

What do you enjoy about working with INTEK?

So far, everyone’s been really supportive in helping out with anything we need and are all willing to listen. Since INTEK is larger, it has more experience in the industry. I’m looking forward to meeting new customers and growing our services in Yankton

How does your standing in the community enhance your career?

Before I got into the cleaning business, I was in law enforcement and correction, so I am very well known in the community, and I have a reputation for integrity.

One advantage I have is my twenty years of experience in the cleaning industry. I am also certified as a master textile cleaner and master restorer for fire and smoke, in addition to being certified through the National Air Duct Cleaning Association.

How might your previous customers describe you?

Honest and straightforward.

I believe in doing a good job for the customer, and in return you get a good reputation. You cannot pay to have other people sell your business for you–you get that after developing relationships over many years.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I’d like to assure everybody that we are going to do the same as we’ve always done, if not better, in serving our customers.

If you’re looking for cleaning services in Yankton, Bruce is your man. With his extensive experience and shining reputation throughout the area, he’ll help you with whatever cleaning needs you may have.

To see the full range of cleaning services offered by the Yankton INTEK, please click here.

Interested in working with Bruce? The Yankton INTEK is looking to grow its team. Please contact us to see what employment opportunities are available.