Prepare your Sioux Falls landscaping for summer storms.

Sun lovers, rejoice: summer is coming to South Dakota!

But before you break out the sunscreen, remember that summertime brings plenty of rain along with the shine. Here are three creative ways to prepare your South Dakota landscaping for the summer storms that could wreak havoc on your lawn.

Build a Swale

A swale is a shallow trench in the soil that follows the contours along the base of a slope. Swales, which can be natural or manmade, help channel stormwater from one place to another. Along the way, they help filter runoff by allowing it to seep into the soil and saturate nearby plants.

To prevent your lawn (or your sewer system) from getting waterlogged by South Dakota storms, consider building a swale or two to divert water around your home. If you live on a hill or have ditches in your yard, you can re-landscape those low areas to look like a creek bed or small meadow, or you can just line them with river rocks to create a clean design.

Create a Rain Garden

Rain gardens are another way to landscape your lawn for summer storms. Similar to swales, rain gardens are shallow basins planted as flower beds that collect rainwater and allow it to slowly sink into the soil. The difference between the two is that while swales are more of a path for water, rain gardens are more of a destination.

If you want a beautiful way to manage stormwater, think about creating a rain garden full of water-loving flowers and native plants–they absorb water better than lawn grass alone. For optimum drainage, make sure the rain garden is at least ten feet from your house and four times that far from a steep slope or septic system–you don’t want it to oversaturate.

Use Permeable Paving

Another effective way to minimize runoff from South Dakota storms is to make sure your pavement is pervious. Pervious pavement has small gaps in its surface to allow water to drain through the layers of gravel and soil underneath while keeping the top layer of concrete or asphalt dry.

While permeable paving can be pricey, if it’s an option for you, take it. Pervious pavement could save not only your lawn but also your wallet from costly water damage restoration in the future. But make sure you consult a professional first — some pervious pavement could be affected by snowplows in the winter.

Stuck with Stormwater Damage?

If none of these tactics work — or if you just didn’t have the time to pull them off — you might find your home in a bit of a flood from those pesky summer storms. That’s when it’s time to call the professionals.

For the best water damage restoration services in Sioux Falls and Yankton, give INTEK a call. Not only will we dry and clean the affected area, we can also provide you with any further construction services or professional painting necessary.

At INTEK, we know that floods can happen on a moment’s notice, so whatever water disaster you’re facing, we can take care of it quickly and effectively. We’ve even got a 24-hour emergency clean-up crew that’s available day or night — weekends and holidays included.

So when your landscaping needs a little boost this summer, contact us. We’ll eliminate the rain, so you can focus on the shine.

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