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The Cost of Replacing Carpet vs. Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners

Published On: September 28, 2016Categories: Carpet Cleaning

Cost of replacing carpet vs. having it cleaned

Even with the abundance of information available online, there are some industries that seem reluctant to list much pricing information on their websites. Trying to get a sense of how much it would cost to replace your carpet from your computer or smartphone can be frustrating.

But to make it easier, here’s a direct comparison of the cost of replacing carpet and the cost of having carpet professionally cleaned – along with the pros and cons.

Carpet shopping conversionsReplacing Your Carpet

Right off the bat, the expense of carpet replacement will depend on the quality of carpeting you’re going to put in. This might cost as little as $2.00 per square foot, but can be much higher. Some luxurious carpeting costs up to $100 per square yard.

A lot of Sioux Falls stores offer you galleries of carpeting options online, but don’t list prices. That makes it hard to estimate the cost without stepping into a store.

Most likely, you can expect to pay between $3.00 and $4.00 per square foot.

To get the most accurate estimate of how much you need, take measurements of the room you’re carpeting and be sure to correctly calculate the square footage you need. Make note if you’re carpeting stairs, too.

Be careful, though, as costs don’t stop there. According to Fixr, you need to be ask companies about the hidden costs of installation.  which can include:

  • Costs for underpadding
  • Labor
  • Fees for moving furniture
  • Charges for removing and disposing of old carpet
  • Cutting charges
  • Cost of redoing carpentry or molding affected by the replacement

Thinking of doing it yourself? You could run the risk of rookie errors. And don’t forget that new carpet could drastically affect the look of your rooms, spurring several interior design purchases to match the new pattern and texture.

Adding all these charges to the carpet cost can inflate the expense of replacing your carpet pretty fast.

Cleaning Your Carpet

As opposed to the hassle of buying and installing new carpeting, hiring professional carpet cleaners to maintain your flooring is much easier. You can contact our Intek carpeting cleaning team right from your computer to set up the best time for you.

Experts recommend cleaning your carpet at least once a year to stay ahead of the bacteria that congregate in the fabric. Having professional carpet cleaners visit every 6 months can go even further toward maintaining the quality of your carpet.

Think of it like an oil change. It might not be everyone’s favorite thing, but you’re going to be looking at higher costs if it doesn’t get done.

Without regular cleanings, carpeting in a decently well-trafficked office might last 5 years. It might last a bit longer in your home if you don’t have pets, but before year 10, the carpet will let you know it’s done.

With regular cleanings, you can make that carpet last closer to 10 or 15 years.

At Intek, the cost of carpet cleaning in Sioux Falls homes ranges from $125 to $259, depending on the intensity of the cleaning. (Yankton prices are a bit different – call (605) 689-2220 to learn more.)

Each of the four Intek carpet cleaning packages includes three rooms and a hall. That means instead of putting $450-$800 just towards the new carpet in your living room, you can get it and two other rooms (plus a hall) looking like new for under $150, or spend just a little more for the more thorough cleanings.

So lets get into some head-to-head numbers.

Saving Your Carpet and Saving Your Money

If you had a three-bedroom home with about 2,000 square feet on two levels, and you were just considering the carpeting costs of one level, that would give us about 1,000 square feet to consider.

Purchasing carpeting at $3 per square foot for that area, you’ll run a cost of $3,000. At $3 per square yard of installation labor, $2 per square yard for furniture moving, and $3 per square yard to remove your old carpet, you’ll add about $888 to your carpet replacement cost. Assuming there are no other fees, you’re looking at $3,888 to re-carpet one floor of the house.

Now, if that 1,000 square feet is made up of three rooms and hall, you could select any of the four packages to get the work done – but we don’t want to make it look too easy. Let’s assume, for argument’s sake, that this floor of your house is four rooms and a hall.

To get the Economy, our most affordable professional carpet cleaning package, you’d pay $125 plus $34 for the additional room. That’s $159. Our Gold package would be $256. If you wanted Intek to visit twice a year, that means $1,590 for five years of carpet cleanings at the Economy level, and $2,560 for five years of the Gold.

With regular cleanings, you’ll save around half the cost of replacing worn out carpets every five years while maintaining the value of your home in case you decide to sell.

And again, that’s a fairly cheap carpet cost, not all the installation fees you might encounter, and us assuming you need an extra room cleaned.

Choosing the Right Intek Carpeting Cleaning Package

To get the most life out of your carpet, the numbers are clear. Besides saving money, you’ll also get to enjoy the fresh feeling of your newly cleaned carpet once or more a year.

If you know you need professional carpet cleaners as part of your home’s maintenance, all that’s left to do is pick the best package for your home.

For more information on carpet cleaning Sioux Falls and Yankton homes, contact us or call (605) 332-3006!

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