DIY Carpet Cleaning Sioux Falls

From Pinterest to HGTV, it seems like the whole world has embraced the trend of do-it-yourself (DIY) living.

And now, the DIY movement has even made it to carpet cleaning in Sioux Falls.

We get it – at-home carpet cleaning has its perks. It tends to be cheaper and more convenient than professional jobs.

But what are you sacrificing in return?

Let’s take a look at the negative (and sometimes nasty) side of DIY carpet cleaning. Here are seven reasons you might want to stick with professional carpet cleaners in Sioux Falls, rather than DIY.


1. Poor Results

Simply put, you’ll get a worse clean with an at-home carpet cleaner.

Store-bought machines lack the power of professional equipment, so they can’t extract as much dirt. They also lack the ability to heat water as effectively. The hotter the water, the better the clean – so you do the math.


2. Damp Carpet for Days

Along with removing less dirt, at-home cleaners also remove less water from your carpet after it’s cleaned. While commercial carpet cleaning in Sioux Falls can leave your carpet almost totally dry, DIY machines typically leave your carpet damp for several hours or even days.

This means that not only do you have to wait longer to walk on your carpet, but you also have to deal with the smelly odors that come along with damp carpet.


3. Mold Buildup

Smelly odors aren’t the only problem with damp carpet. Wet carpet is also a prime breeding ground for dangerous mold and mildew – not what you want after cleaning your carpet.

It kind of defeats the purpose, huh?


4. Delaminated Carpet

Another problem with wet carpet is that it could lead to carpet delamination – when the secondary backing of your carpet gets separated from the primary backing.

Carpet loses 85% of its structural integrity when wet. So when you’re dealing with DIY cleaners that don’t fully dry your carpet, you may end up with a delaminated carpet.


5. Brown Discoloration

When DIY carpet cleaners dispense too much water or cleaning solution, they can actually leave additional brown stains on your carpet – forcing you to clean the area yet again. Ironic, right?


6. Shrinkage

Yet another side effect caused by over-wetting your carpet is shrinkage.

While you may be able to stretch the carpet back into place if the shrinkage is slight enough, you may very well have to replace your carpet altogether.


7. Rapid Re-Soiling

A final problem with DIY carpet cleaning is that it can actually cause your carpet to soil faster in the future.

The high residue content of the detergent left behind by store-bought machines wears away at the carpet, meaning it’ll start to get dirty more often. Not exactly the end result you’re looking for when cleaning your carpets!


Why Invest in Professional Carpet Cleaning in Sioux Falls?

Carpet Rake | Carpet Cleaning Sioux Falls

If those disadvantages of DIY carpet cleaning aren’t enough reason to convince you to call the pros, here’s one more: Our high-tech equipment at INTEK can provide a much more thorough clean than any machine you could buy or rent at the store. We use a special hot water extraction process combined with biodegradable products to remove even the worst dirt and stains – without leaving any residue.

Learn More About Our Carpet Cleaning Methods

When you invest in professional carpet cleaning in Sioux Falls, you’re actually getting more bang for your buck. Not only do you have to clean your carpets less often (since you’re getting a deeper clean), but you also have to replace your carpets less often (since you’re extending the life of your carpet).

If you’d like to learn more, view our Sioux Falls carpet cleaning packages. Or contact us to make an appointment or ask questions!

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