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Robotic Duct Cleaning Just Became More Effective

Published On: September 6, 2017Categories: Building Maintenance, Furnace & Duct Cleaning

One of our most important tools for duct cleaning Sioux Falls businesses just got even more attractive.

This summer, we added magnetic wheels to our duct cleaning robot, and they’ve been a huge help in making sure commercial duct cleanings are thorough and efficient.

Robotic Duct Cleanings in Sioux Falls

Our robot has been assisting commercial duct cleaning in Sioux Falls for more than five years. The remotely controlled device lets the operator see what’s happening with a live camera feed, and the tentacle-like whips are able to thoroughly clean the hardest-to-reach places in your ducts.

Without the robotic duct cleaning option, there are simply some jobs we wouldn’t be able to get done.

In some large complexes, ductwork runs over walls and in other places that a human cleaner would have trouble reaching. We’ve even used the robot to investigate whether a portion of a museum’s ductwork had collapsed (thankfully, it hadn’t).

Robotic Duct cleaning with magnetic wheels

The robot now, more or less.

Climbing Over an Obstacle

Previously, the robot did have one considerable weakness.

Imagine you’re driving on icy roads, but they’re also covered in dirt. That can be tough, and that’s what the robot was doing on every job.

But now imagine you’re trying to drive up a hill.

Those climbs used to be difficult for our robot, failing to make it up an incline or even risking flips.

With the magnetic wheels, it can cling to the duct and stay much more stable while cleaning the dirt from inside ducts.

Now, there isn’t much that can stop our robotic friend from keeping your business’ ducts and air clean.

Have a Mission for Us?

Are there difficult to reach places in your duct work? We’d be happy to send the robot in to do what it does best.

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