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How to Replace a Sump Pump this Spring

Published On: April 16, 2018Categories: Home Maintenance

how to replace a sump pump in Sioux Falls

A sump pump in good condition is usually a necessity in Sioux Falls. It will help prevent flooding, which means avoiding damage to your home and belongings. Less moisture also means a lower chance of mold growth and all the health hazards that come with it.

How do you know if your current sump pump is in good condition? Just pour enough water in the sump to raise the float, and see if the pump kicks in and pushes the water out. See? Easy peasy.

If you pour water in and the sump doesn’t do anything, keep reading to find out how to replace your sump pump. It’s a relatively quick project, considering how important the work is.

(And if you’re reading this because you found out too late that your current sump pump isn’t up to snuff, we’re happy to help with water damage restoration.)

Here’s how to replace your sump pump in your home.

Gather Your Supplies 

You Will Need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Water-pump pliers (you may need two)
  • Level
  • New sump pump

You May Also Need:

  • Discharge Pipe
  • Hacksaw
  • Check Valve
  • Plastic or Composite Shims

Step 1: Remove the Old Sump Pump

Unplug the old sump pump and disconnect the discharge line that’s connected to it from above. Your pump pliers can help you loosen any nuts or bolts that are particularly hard to reach. Then, just lift the old sump pump out and set it aside.

Note: Most sump pumps can be recycled, but you’ll need to check your state’s regulations to figure out what parts can be recycled and which parts are non-recyclable.

Step 2: Place and Level the New Sump Pump

Before you plug in the new pump or connect the discharge line, place the new sump pump in the liner and set the level on top of it. If you can’t quite get it level, try using a plastic or composite shim. Wooden shims aren’t a good idea because they will eventually rot away if you use them.

Step 3: Connect or Replace Discharge Pipe

If the old discharge pipe is in good shape, go ahead and hook it up to the new sump pump. If you need to replace it, you’ll need to cut a new piece of PVC, which you can easily do with a hacksaw.

At this step, it might be helpful to install a check valve. A check valve’s job is basically to connect the sump pump and the discharge pipe and keep water from continuing to flow into your sump pump after it’s powered off. If your new pump doesn’t come with a check valve built in, you may want to install one, because it’ll make your new sump pump last longer. 

Either way, make sure that the pipe is securely connected. You may need to use pliers to do so.

Step 4: Plug It In and Test It Out

Go ahead and plug the new sump pump into a grounded outlet.

Lift the flow meter just a little with your fingers to see if the sump pump powers on, and then let the flow meter fall back down to make sure the sump pump powers off on its own.

And now, you’re good to go!

Don’t forget, in case the worst happens, we’re ready to lend a hand with water damage restoration.

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