If a pipe bursts in your home, there are only a few steps to take to dowater cleanup in Sioux Falls after a pipe bursts damage control. So prepare yourself for an emergency before it happens by checking out the steps below. And if you’re dealing with a burst pipe right now, call our emergency line at 1-800-456-5004 line to help with water restoration in Sioux Falls.

Turn off Your Water

The moment you know a pipe burst, turn off the water supply to your home. Don’t wait until a pipe bursts to know where the main water valve in your home is! You may also need to turn off the electric supply if the water level is high enough to prevent electrical outlets from coming in contact with water. 

Call a Plumber

Your first instinct may be to start removing water from the area. But call a plumber now just in case there’s wait time before he can show up. There will be time to get the water out. This is the best time to call your plumber. 

Assess the Damage

How much water are you dealing with? Is it inches? More? Look especially for early signs of damage to your flooring, walls, furniture and the possibility of mold and rot. If the water has spread into crevices and corners, make sure to pay special attention so that you don’t end up with mold and water damage

Then, contact us

Call Intek

To prevent all of that damage, get Intek on the scene as soon as you hang up with your plumber. We have a 24/7 emergency line (1-800-456-5004) so we can help you in a pinch!

We’re the trusted source for Sioux Falls water cleanup and can help prevent further damage to your home while the plumber fixes the root of the problem.