A candle burning on a coaster, which could cause a fire if left unattended. You may be able to clean up that kind of fire by yourself.If you’ve had a fire, even a small one, it’s tough to know what to do next. Sometimes, you can clean up the damage yourself. And sometimes, it’s best to call in the experts. No matter what, always call the fire department if there is a fire of any size because it’s always better to have them on the scene so they can check to make sure the risk of fire is truly gone. And if the cleanup job is too big for you to handle on your own, give Intek a call. We have an experienced team and special equipment that’s ready to give a second life to your possessions.

Can You Clean Up the Fire Yourself?

Whether or not you can clean up the fire yourself depends on a few things: the size of the fire, the kind of fire, and how much smoke the fire produced (remember, smoke is extremely mobile and also very hard to detect).

Size of the Fire

How far did the fire reach? Was it a kitchen fire that only affected your stovetop? Did something burst into flames and cause charring on your walls or ceiling? If there is an explosion of black in the middle of one of the rooms in your house, then it’s best to not tackle the cleanup on your own, unless you understand the finer points of replacing portions of a wall.

Another thing to keep in mind is that even a small fire can leave behind sizable smoke damage. And smoke is incredibly insidious- it seeps into walls, airways, and even your belongings. But instead of throwing everything out, get our team on the scene. We can restore most of your possessions to as good as new, can inspect your airways to make sure there is no smoke being passed around to the rest of the house, and even replace portions of your wall if need be.

The Kind of Fire

Was it a kitchen fire? An unattended candle? How about an electrical fire? The important thing to think about is how much damage the rest of your home experienced because of the fire that occurred. If it was a kitchen fire with a lot of smoke, it’s probably best to be a little more thorough. If it’s an extremely localized event, such as a candle that only burned the surface of your coffee table and you caught it quickly enough, you may be just fine with only replacing your coffee table.

How Much Smoke the Fire Produced

Was the room filled with smoke? Did you have to fling the windows open immediately? Smoke is incredibly toxic because it contains chemical properties produced by the fire. Getting that smoke into your lungs is really not good for your long-term health. If you coughed while you were in the room where the fire happened – especially if you’re coughing after the fire has been extinguished – it’s a good idea to get professional cleaners on the scene so we can clean out every airway in your house.

If it’s not so bad, fling the windows open, get some fans going, and stay out of the house for a bit until the air is clear.

The Best Rule of Thumb

Even if a fire is pretty minor, call the fire department, and do not go back into your home until the Fire Marshal clears it. Then, call Intek. We can help you navigate insurance, restore your home, and restore your possessions so that you don’t need to bear the heavy emotional weight of throwing everything out and starting from scratch!