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Spots and Spills? Try These 7 Carpet Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Published On: June 21, 2019Categories: Carpet Cleaning

baby feet on carpet

Face it — it’s going to happen, no matter how careful you are. There will be a spill. Or a mysterious spot. Or a sticky candy mess caused by a very obvious culprit.

So when your carpet needs some love in between the yearly professional cleanings, you can be prepared. Here are some tips and tricks to handle those inevitable mini disasters.

1. Blot Stains

Don’t rub stains! That will simply spread the mess and is also hard on your carpet fibers.

Instead, dab the stain using a clean cloth or sponge and cleaning solution. Always blot from the outside inward in order to avoid spreading the stain further.

2. Try Club Soda

Club soda may be effective in removing some carpet stains.

Start by blotting the area with just club soda and a cloth. If that doesn’t quite do the trick, mix club soda with white vinegar and spray the solution onto the stain, letting it sit for 15 minutes. Press a clean sponge or cloth onto the stain to soak up the solution. You may need to repeat this process a few times to totally eliminate the stain.

3. Use Shaving CreamA gentleman shaving his face in a mirror in a well-lit Sioux Falls bathroom. Does he have carpet? Probably.

That’s right. It’s not just for your legs and your face.

Your ordinary shaving cream may be exactly what you need to remove a carpet stain. Simply apply the shaving cream directly to the stain and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then, blot it with a dry cloth.

You’ll finish cleaning up by spraying the carpet with a vinegar and water mixture and blotting it away.

4. Freeze the Gum Away

You know the old peanut butter trick for when you get gum in your hair? This one is a lot less messy.

If you find a mysterious piece of gum in your carpet, whether deposited by a kiddo or tracked in on your very own shoe, just grab an ice cube from the freezer and set it on the gum. After the gum is hardened, you can pick it up off the carpet and cut the strands of carpet as close to the gum as you can.

5. Tackle Blood with Peroxide

Paper cuts, nosebleeds, scraped knees — these things happen.

Thankfully, that’s what hydrogen peroxide is for. Start by loosening up the dried blood with a soap/water mixture, then scrape off as much as you can out of the fibers. Next, you can dump some hydrogen peroxide to the stain, which will start to foam.

Finish drying the carpet by dabbing the area with a dry towel.

6.  Keep Pet Cleaners on HandThis Sioux Falls dog might poop on your carpet.

We all love our pets, but even if you have the best trained animal in South Dakota, they still may track in mud or grass clippings, or even get an upset stomach once in awhile and vomit on your carpet.

That’s why it’s important to always have a pet carpet cleaner on hand. There are many options out there, and here are some things to consider when purchasing:

  • Stain removal properties. It must be able to tackle tough stains!
  • Odor removal. Pick one that will completely neutralize odors (we recommend using one that has enzymes).
  • Scent. Surprisingly, it’s better to get a pet cleaner with no scent, as the stronger smelling ones are attempting to disguise pet smells and are often ineffective.
  • Gentleness. Choose a cleaner that’s gentle on your carpet and safe for use around pets and children.

7. Get a Yearly Professional Cleaning

We recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. You may be able to handle surface stains with these tips, but there’s a lot of germs and filth that you can’t see.

Plus, with our Gold and Platinum packages, we’ll return in 10 or 14 days, respectively, to clean any spots or spills that may occur for free. We’re happy to help!

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