Standing in shock with her husband across the street, homeowner Michelle Rife watched her newly remodeled house get swallowed by flames.

That’s when her neighbor approached and said, “We need to call INTEK now.”

It’s been several years since the Rifes experienced a house fire in Sioux Falls, but Michelle remembers the experience vividly — including how INTEK came to help after the fire almost immediately.

Watch Michelle’s testimonial video below to see how our fire damage restoration services helped her family clean, restore, and even handle insurance claims following their traumatic house fire.


Homeowner Michele Rife Recalls Her House Fire in Sioux Falls


Video Transcript

Back in August of 2012, we had a fire here at our home, which was caused by a defective lightbulb. A month prior, we had finished our remodeling, basically.

At the time, I just recall so well standing across the street with my husband by my side, and both of us in shock. My neighbor came up to me, and she said, ‘We need to call INTEK now.’

She dials up INTEK, and before I know it, Jerry [Berg, owner of INTEK] is standing by my side, saying, ‘You know what? We’ll be here for you and help with this restoration and cleanup.’ It was a very comforting feeling to know that.

They basically were the general contractor for the rebuild. Because the insurance company requires someone certified in fire damage, and INTEK is certified.

I feel like they matched quality for quality what we had prior. I feel like they stood behind the work, and I knew that they would.

– Michelle Rife, Homeowner


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INTEK House Fire Before + After

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