Newly laid carpet and a boy

New carpet is a purchase that you don’t make very often — maybe only once or twice in your life — so we understand that it may be a confusing process. You want to choose the carpet that is right for your home, lifestyle, climate, and aesthetic preferences.

There are many factors to consider, and we want to help. Here’s our list of common carpet-buying mistakes helpful.

1. Not Shopping Around

Just like choosing a trustworthy car dealership or a realtor, you’ll want to shop around and find a carpet retailer you feel comfortable with.

You likely don’t know too much about carpet (why would you, after all?), so you may feel vulnerable when dealing with a salesperson. Here are some questions to ask the retailer or salesperson:

  1. How long have you been in the business? — Choose an experienced carpet salesperson.
  2. What’s included in the price? — Ask for the “all-in” price, so you avoid hidden charges like tack strips, staples, and seaming tape.
  3. Are your installers bonded and insured? — If the answer is “no”, then keep shopping!
  4. Do you have references and can I see your past work? — If the answer is “no,” ask “why not?”

The best referral is word of mouth. Ask your friends and family on Facebook which Sioux Falls retailers they have had good carpet-buying experiences with. Get several quotes for the carpet you need, and don’t allow yourself to be talked into something you don’t feel comfortable with.

2. Skimping on the Underpad

It’s tempting to get a cheaper underpad when you can’t even see it anyway, but don’t! Please, invest in a quality underpad.

The purpose of the underpad is to save wear and tear on your carpet by absorbing the impact of foot traffic. It makes your carpet feel more comfortable, and also extends your carpet’s life by reducing fiber crushing.

Don’t allow a store or retailer to throw in a carpet pad and tell you it’s good. You’ll want to match the padding to your daily needs. Think of it as the technical side of shopping for carpet.

For example, different areas should have a different type of carpet padding.

  • High traffic areas: Choose a thinner carpet pet with a heavier weight.
  • Living rooms and bedrooms: Splurge on a thicker carpet padding.
  • Berber carpet: If you have this special kind of looped carpet, you’ll want a thinner carpet pad for this thin carpet, as a thick pad can damage it.

Your carpet is only as good as your underpad. If you’re on a budget, spend a little less on your carpet so you can spend more on the underpad.

3. Leaving the Samples Behind

Take the samples home! The carpet may look perfect under the store’s lighting, but you may not love it in the natural lighting of your own home. Ask the salesperson for a small carpet sample you can take home and lay on the floor for a couple of days.

4. Worrying about Weight

Many salespeople get hung up on face weight (the weight of the carpet per square yard) as an important selling feature, convincing customers to believe that a higher face weight equates to better carpet.

There are many factors to consider in addition to the face weight, such as the twist or density. Ask your salesperson to explain all of these carpet factors.

5. Having it Unprofessionally Installed

Professionals are called professionals for a reason. Don’t try to install carpet yourself, especially if you’re working around stairs, railing posts, and corners.

Not only will it look bad, but you’ll likely need to get it replaced sooner than you would otherwise. Have the carpet installers come into your home with their special tools and experience so that you can relax and enjoy your perfectly-laid carpets.

Also, many carpet warranties require that carpets be professionally installed in order to be valid. Spend the extra money now rather than later.

6. Not Getting Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Once the work of carpet-shopping and laying is all said and done, don’t forget to take care of your new carpets.

After all, you spent a lot of time and money in this mini home-makeover, so you’ll want to take good care of your carpet just like you would a new car. Have your new carpets professionally cleaned once a year to rid them of germs and allergens. This will help them last even longer.

At Intek, we use a hot water extraction process to remove stains and dirt in homes and businesses all around Sioux Falls and Yankton. Contact us to schedule your professional carpet cleaning!

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