Former Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether

Sioux Falls homeowner Mike Huether knows a lot about the Sioux Falls business landscape. After all, he served as the city’s mayor from 2010-2018. So when his home flooded, he could have called upon any number of companies in the South Dakota area.

He chose INTEK.

“It was a morning I’ll never forget,” Mike recalls. “We had thousands and thousands of gallons of water entering our property… all I could remember hearing was ‘drip, drip, drip.'”

“Life is All About Confidence”

Mike says that in the midst of this vulnerable situation, he felt a sense of confidence beginning with his very first call to INTEK.

“They’ve got the expertise; they’ve got the experience. They’ve been through this stuff time and time again,” he says.

Hear former Mayor Mike’s story in the video below.

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