Which air is best to breath in Sioux Falls?

Allergies are in the air here in South Dakota. To find relief from allergies, many residents incorporate air filtration systems into their homes. 

Two of these systems include air purifiers and air ionizers. Which type of air is better to breath? Keep reading to find out the pros and cons of each air filtration system. 

Air Purifiers vs Air Ionizers

The most important air purifying system is keeping your furnace and air ducts clean. This allows you to ventilate your home with clean, outdoor air. 

If you’re looking for additional ways to purify your air, especially if you suffer from allergies, you can invest in a portable air purifier

Air purifiers remove the impurities permanently from the enclosed environment. As air moves through the filter, particles are captured and the clean air is pushed back out into the space. 

Portable air purifiers are meant to be used in one room at a time, so their coverage isn’t as large as some air ionizers. 

Air ionizers on the other hand use electrically charged ions that bond with impurities floating in the air. Once these negatively charged ions bond with dust particles in the air, they become too heavy to stay afloat and fall on the floor. 

However, since the particles are not removed permanently, it requires you to wipe them away/vacuum up manually. Plus, there’s always a chance of the debris and impurities getting kicked back into the air.  

More Air Purifying Tips

While you may be tempted to open the windows in your home on a cooler morning, a small breeze is enough to carry pollen and other particles that can irritate one’s allergies. 

Your air conditioner comes with a filter, which prevents these particles from entering your home, keeping your air clean. Of course, in order for your air conditioner to properly do its job, consistent, quality duct cleaning should be performed.

If you don’t remember the last time Sioux Falls duct cleaning was performed on your home, or if it’s been five to seven years, it’s time to contact the duct and furnace cleaning experts at Intek. 

We even offer a free video inspection of your ductwork, so you can decide whether or not you feel our services are necessary!