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Have you ever seen your dryer vent?

If not, it’s definitely time you do. Your dryer vent should be cleaned at least once per year.

Cleaning your dryer vent is a simple task that can both help your dryer run more efficiently and reduce the risk of fire in your home. In fact, nearly 3,000 home fires occur each year because homeowners fail to clean their dryer vents.

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How to Clean Your Dryer Vent

What are some signs that it’s time to clean your dryer vent? Glad you asked!

  • Your clothes are taking longer to dry
  • The dryer has become hotter to the touch
  • There is a burning smell in your laundry room
  • You don’t know when it was last cleaned

Let’s get started.

1. Disconnect the Dryer

Locate the vent at the back of the dryer. Next, unplug the dryer, or turn off the supply valve if you have a gas dryer.

With assistance from another person, move the dryer about one foot away from the wall to give yourself room to clean the dryer vent. Disconnect the dryer duct from the back of the dryer, using a screwdriver if necessary.

2. Vacuum the Dryer Vent

Simply remove lint from the duct with your hand, and then grab a vacuum with a hose. Use the vacuum extension to clean out as much of the duct as possible.

Next, go outside and locate your exterior dryer vent and clean it the same way.

3. Reconnect the Dryer

That’s it! Easy, huh? Now it’s time to put it all back together.

Before reattaching the ductwork, examine it to make sure it’s all in good shape. Look for any holes or tears and replace ductwork if needed. Next, simply put the ductwork and vent cover back in place behind your dryer.

Plug the dryer back in (or turn on the gas valve). Next, turn the dryer on the fluff setting for 20 minutes to ensure everything is connected correctly.

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Avoid Lint Buildup

You can reduce how frequently your dryer vent needs cleaning by managing the amount of dust and lint around your dryer.

Remember to clean your lint trap filter after each load of laundry. We also advise occasionally removing the filter and vacuuming where it’s housed. If there’s too much buildup on the lint filter, you can soak and scrub it in warm water. (Make sure it’s dry before putting it back in the dryer!)

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Don’t let your dryer vent become like this!

Need a Professional?

Sometimes, tasks get away from us. Or, perhaps you’ve just moved into a different home and the previous inhabitant neglected the dryer vent.

If your dryer vent needs more help than what you can manage, give us a call at Intek.

If your vent looks anything remotely close to the photo on the right, you’re putting your home and family in danger. Plus, your dryer will run up your energy bill due to a lack of efficiency.

We’re happy to help clean your dryer vent and ductwork to restore it to a healthy and efficient condition.