2020 was a tough year for everyone.

The last thing Jerry Cook, owner of Rehfeld’s Art & Framing, was expecting when he recently moved his business in downtown Sioux Falls this past fall was water damage.

Building owner Sheila Hazard stopped by one Monday morning for what should have been a routine day of meetings, only to discover new building tenants Rehfeld’s Art & Framing’s space had flooded.

Intek water restoration on wood floors


“It was a Monday morning,” Hazard recalled. “Things always seem to happen on a Monday!”

By the time Shelia got there to inspect the damage, water was covering more than two-thirds of the floor and was visibly still running.

A water hose in the restroom had broken loose and was shooting water with such force that on first look it appeared that water was coming from the ceiling.
“I had to remove my glasses, hold my breath and fight the water to turn it off at the source,” Sheila recalled. “I was drenched!”

Since the issue was discovered on a Monday morning, they estimated the water had been running for at least 12 hours. They suspected water may have leaked to the basement. Sure enough, there were two floors flooded.

“It was going to be a huge cleanup effort,” Sheila said. “Without hesitation, I knew I had to call Intek.

Why Choose Intek?

Intek service vehicle

“Intek came really quickly,” Sheila recalled.

“Their reputation is well known for all kinds of cleanup jobs” said Sheila. “Particularly in the case of water issues, they know that getting to the problem quickly is the key. An experienced crew was assembled and on site within minutes to begin the cleanup”.

She added, “Intek has a great process to assess the problem, determine the plan of action, and assemble the equipment rapidly. I trust them and they have never disappointed me.”

The Intek team was on location for at least a week. The water had buckled the solid wood floor. Eventually, the moisture started to come out and it settled down about a month later.

Sheila says she has had a long-time relationship with Intek.

“I’ve been a landlord for 30 years,” Sheila said. “In all my experience, they are always given as a reference because they are the best.”

She went on to say, “Others can attempt to do something, but when it’s something like water damage, you have to have experience like Intek.”

Intek has the equipment ready to tackle any water damage and restoration in your business or home. It’s our honor to help people in our community when needed!

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