The year 2022 is quickly approaching. With the end of another year comes a time for reflection. Intek wants to remind you to reflect on your homeowners insurance and what it covers so the new year can have fewer worries. 

Whether you recently bought your first home or just want to refresh your coverage plans, here are some things to consider now as we take another trip around the sun.

Sioux Falls house in winter

Is Your Add-On Rider Coverage Still Relevant?

Since most people just get the basic homeowner coverage, it’s important to consider add-ons that might be relevant to your area. 

For instance, did you know ​​most flood claims last year were in areas that weren’t considered flood zones? Flooding and other natural disasters are happening more frequently in new areas — something to keep in mind while reviewing your insurance coverage.

Is Your Home Secured for Winter?

While the cold has already started, there are still plenty of winter weather months and chances for snow left in South Dakota. Is your house ready for that?

Most winter claims are due to snow or ice damage to a house, so make sure your roof and gutters are in good shape with the correct tools or a licensed contractor. 

Remember to stay on top of removing snow and ice from your property to avoid personal liability claims as well.

Is Your Current Provider Still Your Best Option?

Maybe you’ve been with your current insurance plan for a while now and it’s not what you expected or what you have found works best for your family. 

The start of a new year is a great time to reevaluate your coverage and search around for something else now that you know more

Or, talk to your insurance representative and see if there are any options available for you to combine policies and rework your coverage with the same provider.

Looking For More Home Care Info?

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