It’s important for homeowners in Brookings to know not only what a sump pump is, but also whether their houses have a working one installed. 

Sump pumps in Brookings are notoriously hard to know and maintain. At INTEK, our team gets questions about sump pumps all the time.

One of the most common questions from our community is “Do all houses have sump pumps installed?” 

No, they don’t. Here’s why.

Why Do Some Brookings Homes Have Sump Pumps While Others Are Pump-Free?

Installed in the lowest part of the basement, a sump pump is a device that removes moisture and prevents flooding in the house. Sump pumps are typically housed in a specially constructed pit below the main surface of a basement, where they collect excess water from drains and pump it out of the pit and away from the house via a special hose.

Because sump pumps are stored beneath the surface level of a basement, they’re easily overlooked. However, all homeowners should know whether their home has a sump pump so they can be prepared in case of Brookings flooding emergencies.

If your home isn’t likely to flood, you may not need a sump pump. If your house does have a water problem, there are several other ways to prevent water damage before resorting to a sump pump.

Does My Home Really Need a Sump Pump in Brookings?

The need for a sump pump depends on the physical location of the house. 

If you’re located in a city like Brookings or Volga, you might experience heavy rains (especially during the spring). Then it’s a good idea to have a sump pump for potential flooding. Sump pumps are particularly helpful for those who live in low areas, like at the bottom of a hill or near a body of water. Homes in areas with shallow (high) water tables also require sump pumps.

If you’re wondering whether your home needs a sump pump, it probably does. 

The American Society of Home Inspectors estimated that more than 60% of homeowners have some sort of moisture in their basement or crawl spaces.

Many Brookings homeowners even install a second sump pump in case their first one stops working or becomes overwhelmed. If you don’t want to go through the hassle and expense of installing a second sump pump, you could save money by installing a special water alarm that will alert you if something goes wrong.

It’s important to ensure your sump pump is working for wetter seasons like spring. 

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Sump Pump Maintenance in Brookings

Once your sump pump is installed, follow some basic steps to make sure it is in working condition. 

This is especially important during spring with snowmelt and rainfall or when heavy rainfall is in the forecast.

Ensure the pump is sitting upright. If the device is tilted or laying on its side, the float arm can become stuck, preventing it from operating.

Pour a bucket of water into your sump pit. If the pump doesn’t start immediately, have it repaired.

If you have a submersible pump, remove it from the pit from time to time and clean the bottom grate (pumps can suck in rocks that may block the inlet).

Make sure the pipes/hoses from your sump pump are tightly fastened and set to drain at least 20 feet away from your foundation. 

Check the vent hole for any blockages that could prevent water from flowing through your outlet tube.

Damage Already Done? Call INTEK for Water Damage and Restoration in Brookings

If your home has suffered water damage in Brookings because of a malfunctioning (or missing) sump pump, we can help.

At INTEK, we specialize in water restoration in the Brookings area. Our 24-hour emergency service can dispatch a crew whenever you need us. 

After we take care of any emergency clean-up, we’ll dry your property and help you move forward with any reconstruction, cleaning, or carpet cleaning necessary to return your property to its original condition.

Contact the INTEK Team for Water Damage Restoration