When you choose to shop local, you aren’t simply supporting a small business. The impact of your decision is much greater than helping the business’ bottom line.

When Intek was started in 1984 as Interior Technicians, Jerry Berg intended for the Sioux Falls-based business to stay Sioux Falls based. However, over the years as the company evolved, there was a need for these services in the surrounding areas.

Intek now has locations in both Yankton and Brookings, with crews ready to serve their communities.


Picture of a local quiet street

Home Town Care from Intek

Intek stands out from the larger, corporate cleaners because we have a deep, genuine care for our customers and the communities they live in. We believe in providing top notch service, which has helped us develop a very loyal clientele.

Your support of local businesses doesn’t have to stop when your service is complete.

Is your friend struggling with mold in their home? Let them know how your experience was with Intek. Looking for a gift for your Grandma who has everything she needs? Hire our professionals to clean her home. Is a coworker struggling with allergies due to a new pet in their home? Suggest duct cleaning with Intek to help them breathe easier.

Shopping local means you are supporting the town’s little league baseball team. It means you are helping the local economy by providing a job for your next door neighbor. Shopping local keeps your dollars right there in the community.

Supporting Brookings, Yankton and Sioux Falls

The professionals at Intek care about their community, and they care about you.

We love to provide excellent service at an affordable price. Now is the time to schedule your service with Intek.

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