Smoke is not safe to inhale, especially on a regular basis. You’ve heard this phrase said thousands and thousands of times, but we still don’t hear much about secondhand smoke. Whether you like it or not, any form of smoking in an indoor setting can be very bad for the health of your home and the people that live in it. Maybe you purchased a house from a previous smoker or have a couple of friends who occasionally smoke at your house. We’re here to tell you the effects cigarette smoke can have on your home’s ducts and carpets.

The Smell

We all know the distinct smell of smoke. It is something that lingers in the air for a long time, but it may be lingering longer than you think! Whenever someone smokes inside your home, dust starts carrying smoke residues and other smoke-related contaminants. They will linger in your house’s ducts and carpets for ages unless they are properly cleaned. 

No one wants to have that smell in their home. The smoke also affects your overall well being! 

Health Effects

Just like how the smoke smell lingers in the air, the poor quality of air lingers in your nostrils and even your lungs. Why does this matter? Indoor air quality is an important factor for your overall health more than you think. 

Having a low quality of air affects your sleep, your respiratory system, breathing, and allergies. Breathing in this low quality of air can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, asthma, cancer, and many more health-related issues. 

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