Post-Hurricanes, INTEK’s Jenna Snyder Lends a Helping Hand

Fourteen states. Six hotels. And one night in a Walmart parking lot. That was how Jenna Snyder, business development manager at INTEK, spent her September. From September 2 to October 2, 2017, Jenna Snyder was out of the INTEK office, doing a different type of cleaning. At the encouragement of INTEK owner Jerry Berg, Jenna traveled [...]

Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Disaster Restoration?

You might have homeowners insurance in Sioux Falls — but just how good is your coverage? Not all homeowners insurance policies are the same. Even if you think you’ve got a decent policy, it might not offer complete coverage for disaster restoration. At INTEK, we’ve seen too many homeowners experience the devastation of fire or water damage [...]

4 Tips for Cleaning Your Kids’ Sports Clothes and Gear

School is back in session, and textbooks aren’t the only things your kids are hauling home. Now that extracurricular activities like football, volleyball, and cross country are starting, your kids are bringing dirty, smelly sports clothes and gear back into your nice, clean house. So what are you going to do about it? […]