Mold Remediation in Sioux Falls, Brookings & Yankton, SD

Mold removal in Sioux Falls

If you’ve seen signs of mold in your home, you need to get rid of it–fast.

INTEK offers professional mold remediation in Sioux Falls, Brookings and Yankton. Our experienced mold removal experts are trained to eliminate mold quickly and discretely.

We start by setting up containment units to make sure mold spores are confined to the containment area. We then use negative air pressurization to keep the spores isolated within the containment area to prevent cross-contamination. The air in the containment area is then filtered through our HEPA air scrubber units and safely dispersed outside your home.

Upon completion of the mold remediation project, the area is tested by an outside firm to make sure the mold spore count is back to an acceptable level for occupancy. Once air quality is approved, our professionals then restore the area back to its original condition.

You can try to protect your home from mold, but sometimes those nasty spores are simply unavoidable. If you suspect your house is contaminated, request a free mold inspection from INTEK. If we detect mold, we’ll also give you a free estimate before you book us. We promise to keep all inquiries confidential!

INTEK services both commercial and residential customers. To make an appointment or ask questions about our mold removal in Sioux Falls, Brookings or Yankton areas, contact us!