When the snow melts, the cleaning begins.

Spring cleaning is the time of year when homeowners get to wipe away all of the filth leftover from the winter months. There’s no better place to start this season’s cleaning than with your carpet.

Living in a state like South Dakota, where you can experience winter snowfall on a daily basis, tracking snow and road salt into your home feels almost inevitable. Now that the winter months have passed, you can focus on getting your carpets freshly cleaned for spring.

We want to promote tips for carpet cleaning Sioux Falls homeowners and renters can use to effectively clean their homes. To help you get started on your carpet cleaning endeavor, we’ve put together our very own “S.C.R.U.B.” technique for combatting that messy winter grime.

S.C.R.U.B. Technique for Carpet Cleaning Near Me

Stains should be blotted: Winter stains can be irritating, especially if they’ve been sitting for awhile. When it comes to stains, just remember: blot and absorb, don’t rub. By blotting, the pressure you put down on the stain allows it to be soaked up and absorbed. Rubbing will ruin the fibers of the carpet and can actually cause the stain particles sink in further.

Club soda is effective: When it comes to fighting stubborn stains, club soda is your friend. When mixed with white vinegar, it becomes even better at combating a messy carpet. Mix the solution thoroughly and spray it on the stained area. You’ll want to let it sit on the stain for about 10-15 minutes and then blot a sponge to soak up the area.

Rake before/after you clean: You read that correctly. We’ve all heard of raking leaves, but raking your carpet sounds downright strange. However, carpet raking and grooming is actually one of the best techniques to do before or after deep cleaning your carpet. When you rake the carpet before treating it, you’ll be able to collect dirt and residue which can be easily vacuumed. Raking after you’ve cleaned the carpet allows you to groom the carpet to remove any footprints or leftover vacuum marks.

Use pre-conditioner to loosen up soil: Pre-conditioner is a heavy-duty cleaning agent that soaks deep into your carpet to effective remove hidden soils. Here at INTEK, our pre-conditioner allows us to target problem areas by hand to make sure that no spot goes unattended.

Bacteria requires a deep clean: Your carpet is riddled with bacteria. The average carpet is estimated to contain 200,000 bacteria per square inch, making it essential that you free it from nasty germs and allergens. At INTEK, we’ve found that using a hot water extraction process allows for a deep clean that removes all the built up residue and bacteria from your carpet.

A Trusted Service for Carpet Cleaning Sioux Falls

Spring cleaning is an important time for homeowners and renters to make their homes presentable. Because carpet is one of the most noticeable parts of the home, you want to make sure you treat it as effectively as possible.

Year after year, Local Best has listed INTEK as the best carpet cleaning company in Sioux Falls. Our quick, yet effective process assures that we won’t miss a spot.

By utilizing our safe soil removal processes and delicate post cleaning procedure, we’re able to protect your newly cleaned carpet from future stains.

If you are looking for the best carpet cleaning near me and you, contact us at INTEK, and we’ll be happy to leave your carpet spotless.