truck in flooding

Springtime April showers bring some May flowers. Now, we must prepare for the summer storm season. As we experience more rain and storms, protect your home from water damage with these tips.


Overflowing gutters cause water to pour onto the ground next to a home’s foundation. Removing debris, such as leaves, from gutters should be a part of your maintenance routine.

Depending on your home and nearby trees, clean your gutters a couple of times per year. Then check your downspouts.


Be sure downspouts are connected and pointing away from the foundation. For proper drainage, downspouts should extend at least 10 feet from your home. If downspouts are too close to a home, water can erode the soil around a home’s foundation. This can cause walls and ceilings to crack and water to seep in through hairline cracks.

Sump pump

Check that your sump pump is working and the hose is connected. Just like downspouts, the pump hose should drain water away from the foundation.


Examine your ceiling for water stains. These could be a sign of a damaged or weak roof. To avoid a larger disaster (such as a roof failing or mold), have ceiling problems fixed as soon as possible.

Landscape and Pavement Slope

Paving and landscaping settles over time and can cause a slope toward your home. Look for depressions in the ground next to your home’s foundation walls. You can fill in depressions with clay or dirt, but fixing slopes usually require professional help.

Mold can develop quickly and become an expensive repair

Mold, see on the wall (black color) can develop quickly and become an expensive repair.

Did You Find a Problem?

If you found a problem, the good news is you located the source, and there is a better chance the problem can be fixed.

Address water damage as soon as possible before mold develops. As we head into the hot, humid summer months, mold can grow more easily and quickly. Mold loves warm spaces and if not caught early mold removal can be a costly repair.

For more information on mold, see our previous post. Think you have mold issues? INTEK provides free mold inspections.

If you have water damage, contact INTEK to remove water and begin restoration.

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