Jerry Berg, owner of INTEK, talks with Home Ideas about restoring a home after a sump pump flooded the basement.

The home in this video experienced a stuck float on the sump pump, and the whole basement became wet. INTEK’s water damage restoration process begins as soon as you call. The homeowner started by moving as much furniture as possible. When INTEK arrived, we set up extraction equipment, removed all the water, and then pulled up the carpet and pad.

If you catch water damage immediately you can reduce the change of permanent damage such as wet sheetrock and ruined furniture.

Want to prevent water damage in your home?

Follow these tips from INTEK:

  1. Make sure your sump pump is plugged in and tested.
  2. See that the sump pump hose doesn’t have any kinks and carries the water away from your home.
  3. Check that downspouts are clear of debris, attached, and also carrying the water away from your home.

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INTEK helps with the insurance process 

We are very involved with the local and national insurance industry. INTEK has a number of working relationships with insurance companies, and we are comfortable with every situation.

Just remember: water damage, especially as the weather warms up, can quickly lead to mold.

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