Record rainfall in June surpassed previous 10 months of rainfall and snowmelt

Image by KDLT News Weather Center

According to local news reports, Sioux Falls has received more rain in the last 22 days than the previous ten months! From June 1 to June 22, the area has seen 13.39 inches of rain. Compared with 13.37 inches from August 3 to May 31 in rain and snowmelt. This means we have set a new record for the wettest June by beating the 1984 record of 8.43 inches of rain. Keep in mind we still have almost a week left of June (with more rain in the forecast).

The moisture is welcomed as long as it stays where it is supposed to be — our yards, rivers, lakes, and fields! Water damage in your home can lead to costly repairs. Worse, combined with summer heat, water damage can breed mold. Take precautions to prevent mold in your home by following our tips.

Take your time when removing water and planning the next restoration stages. If mold is not caught, it will continue to grow and cause costly repairs in the future. Call professionals for a free mold inspections if you think mold may be growing in your home.

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