Janitorial services are one of the most commonly outsourced services for businesses. Whether you need a building cleaned once a week or more often, consider hiring professionals for the job.  Here is some reasons why:

  • Reduce costs by not needing more in-house employees. In-house employees require more paperwork for your HR department, not to mention training and turn-over. Hiring out janitorial services means your company has less work to do.
  • Nothing can replace the expertise and quality of professional cleaners. Professionals have good equipment, good cleaners, and years of experience.
  • Flexibility means your building can be cleaned when you want it cleaned. After all, it is our job and we can clean when you want and need the service.
  • Preventative building maintenance not only makes a work place a better environment, it also reduces costly repairs.
  • The eyes of trained professionals can stop potential issues before they become big problems. Professionals know cleaning and can spot issues before they cost you money to repair.
  • Professionals provide janitorial cleaning equipment which means less internal employees to oversee maintenance and storage. When cleaning equipment breaks or needs an update, your company doesn’t have to deal with it!
  • Reliability and stability come from outsourcing janitorial work. With a professional cleaning company, if a cleaner calls in sick the cleaning will still be done as scheduled.
Outsourcing janitorial work can benefit a company

Outsourcing janitorial work can benefit a company.

INTEK takes pride in our janitorial cleaning service and commercial building maintenance. We provide economical rates, while still providing a high quality of service.  INTEK can find a plan to best fit your needs. Our team covers not only Sioux Falls but several other southeaster South Dakota communities. Please ask about our cost-saving cleaning packages or read more about our commercial cleaning services.

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