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Having a Graduation Party? Open House Cleaning Checklist

Published On: April 24, 2015Categories: Carpet Cleaning

open house cleaning checklist

Getting ready for graduation? If you have an upcoming commencement, it’s time to start preparing your heart – and home – for the party.

We’ve put together an open house cleaning checklist to help ensure your beautiful home will impress all your guests.

Lawn and Porch

As the first glimpse your guests will have of your home, the lawn and porch should be welcoming and bright. Make a great first impression by following these tips.

  • Mow and water the lawn.
  • Plant or water your flowers.
  • Manicure your landscaping.
  • Sweep your porch and pathway.
  • Wash or repaint doors, thresholds, and siding.
  • Clean your windows inside and out.
  • Clean or replace your welcome mat.
  • Decorate with welcome signs, balloons, streamers, etc.


Once your guests step through the front door, the first thing they’ll see is your foyer. Keep it clean and well lit.

  • Dust the furniture and lighting fixtures.
  • Replace burnt-out lightbulbs.
  • Sweep and scrub your floors.
  • Empty the coat closet or put out a coat rack.
  • Clean or replace your entry mat.
  • Clear a bench or table for gifts and cards.
  • Decorate with photos, balloons, streamers, etc.

Kitchen and Dining Room

Upon arriving, your guests will probably head straight to the kitchen or dining room for some grub. Here’s how to maintain order in those sure-to-get-messy areas.

  • Dust the furniture and light fixtures.
  • Wipe down the sink, countertops, appliances, and tables.
  • Mop the floor.
  • Clean out the refrigerator, freezer, sink, and dishwasher.
  • Hang dish and hand towels – or change them out for clean ones.
  • Open your windows (weather permitted).
  • Find designated areas for food and drinks.
  • Keep cups, napkins, and silverware well stocked.
  • Place several large garbage cans in accessible areas.
  • Decorate with cake, balloons, streamers, etc.

Living Room

As the most comfortable room in the house, your living room is sure to be the primary hangout for minglers. Since they’ll be spending the most time there, make sure your living room is spick and span.

  • Deep-clean your carpets and upholstery.
  • Launder and prop up any pillows.
  • Dust shelves, furniture, and decor.
  • Replace burnt-out lightbulbs.
  • Wash your windows and window screens.
  • Provide plenty of seating options.
  • Put out at least one garbage can.
  • Decorate with banners, balloons, streamers, etc.


Though trips to the bathroom only take a minute or two, your guests will still notice a dirty bathroom. Be sure it’s spotless.

  • Scrub the shower, tub, and toilet.
  • Bleach the toilet bowl.
  • Wipe the sink, counter, and mirror.
  • Clean or replace your bath mats.
  • Sweep and mop the floors.
  • Tidy the cabinet and drawers.
  • Empty the wastebasket.
  • Set out fresh towels.
  • Use air freshener or incense.

With those house cleaning to dos checked off your list, you’re sure to have an open house that wows.

Check Carpet Cleaning Off Your List

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