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Carpet Cleaning is Popular During Graduation Time

Published On: April 21, 2016Categories: Carpet Cleaning


Spring is busy for companies that do carpet cleaning in Sioux Falls. It’s a time for spring cleaning – and it’s also graduation season. 

Families around town are getting ready for that big graduation party, as they prepare to send their loved ones off to college or their first job. If your family is one of the many that are celebrating a graduate this spring, you’ll want your house looking as nice as possible.

Clean Carpet = Happy Graduation Guests

While the right equipment can keep your house or apartment looking nice, we recommend getting your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year. This year, why not make sure your carpet is spotless before your house fills up with graduation guests?

If you are looking for carpet cleaning in Sioux Falls before the big party, schedule a time soon. At INTEK, graduation season is one of our busiest times of the year.

Our Hot Water Extract Will Make Your Carpet Look Brand New

It can be unpleasant to think about, but did you know the average carpet has about 200,000 bacteria per square inch? To keep your carpet free of these nasty germs, allergens, and other filth, INTEK uses a hot water extraction process for carpet cleaning in Sioux Falls and Yankton. We attack those unhealthy bacteria and dirty traffic areas and remove dirt and stains without leaving any residue that can cause buildup.


Hot water cleaning is safe for today’s new stain-resistant carpets and is the number-one cleaning method recommended by carpet manufacturers. We also use biodegradable products for the safety of you, your family, and our technicians.

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INTEK offers professional carpet cleaning in Sioux Falls and Yankton, SD. INTEK has consistently been rated one of the best carpet cleaning companies in Sioux Falls, according to Local Best. If you are looking for commercial carpet cleaning, we have technicians available during the evening and on Saturdays.

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