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Make a Fire Safety Plan this 4th of July

Published On: June 28, 2016Categories: Fire Cleaning, Fire Damage Restoration
Intek fire restoration gets the job done, but we prefer it when we don’t have to.
If your family hasn’t already, please develop a fire safety plan for whatever your southeast South Dakota 4th of July celebrations happen to be.

Avoiding Need for Intek Fire Restoration this 4th of July

Independence Day is wonderful. We get the chance to relax with friends and family, we eat great food, and we commemorate the dawn of our country.
The trick is not letting any of our festivities get out of hand and take away from the fun. This 4th of July, be careful not to let any hazards get the best of you. Knowing how to handle different flames with a fire safety plan will cut down on damage and bodily risk of several fire hazards.


A couple hundred people are expected to sustain burn-related injuries each 4th of July, according to Newsweek. Please don’t be one of them.

The most straightforward way to enjoy fireworks on the 4th is by letting the professionals handle it. In southeast South Dakota, there are a few different options for watching large displays. Yankton will have a fireworks show at Riverside Park, and Sioux Falls residents can “oo” and “ah” at the W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds.

Okay, so not handling the fireworks yourself is one way to play it safe, but maybe shooting off your own rockets is important to your gathering. That’s fine, of course, as long as you handle it safely.

For starters, kids should never play with or light your firecrackers or rockets. If you want to give them sparklers, be sure to explain the dangers and have water nearby. All children need to know the sparklers stay outside, away from their faces and clothes.

Sticking with the commercial fireworks approved for use in your state, be sure to have a water bucket on hand. Set a safe distance from onlookers and make sure everyone understands not to get too close. Don’t point fireworks at anybody else, even as a joke.


  • Don’t hold firecrackers or rockets while lighting them.
  • Please wear eye protection.
  • Never use homemade fireworks.
  • Point fireworks away from homes, brush, trees, and other flammable substances.
  • Prevent kids from picking up fragments afterward, as they might still explode or be ignited.
  • Keep pets indoors to reduce risk of them panicking or subjecting their sensitive hearing to the racket.

Remember, part of your fire safety plan should be to soak all fragments and duds in water before disposing of them in the garbage.

These precautions will help you to have a fun 4th of July, free of hospital visits or a call to Intek fire restoration.

Fire safety plan for bonfires

Bonfires, Cigarettes, and Other Party Fires

Fireworks are certainly the biggest concern, and the most specific to your plans for the 4th, but you should also watch out for other fire hazards.
If you’re enjoying a bonfire, have a plan for how to put it out in an emergency with a bucket of water or sand. Avoid dangling loose hair or clothes over the open flames. As with house fires, it’s not a bad idea for your family to pick out an emergency meeting spot for your fire safety plan.
Be sure that anyone smoking cigarettes is stamping them out in an ash tray or contained receptacle so that nothing is accidentally ignited. If there are tiki torches or any other kind of flames set up for lighting or ambiance, be sure they are monitored and not a risk. Torches should be firmly rooted into place, and make sure children are treating them with respect.
It’s also integral to your fire safety plan that everyone knows what to do if a fire should get loose. Instruct children on how to stop, drop, and roll, and have water or a fire blanket for smothering out loose flames. If there is an injury or emergency, contact your fire department by dialing 911.

Enjoy a Hazard-Free 4th of July

Above all, keep the people around you safe. If something goes awry, our Intek fire restoration team can swoop in to mitigate property damage. But it’s tragic when amidst the celebrations someone is seriously injured or burned.
Already in need of fire damage restoration? Intek is here to help: