How Often Should I Vacuum?

We’ve been carpet cleaning Sioux Falls homes since 1984. We’ve seen all sorts of rugs and carpets – and what happens if you neglect them.

So to pass on that knowledge, here’s how often you should vacuum your carpets to keep them in top form and not end up needing a costly replacement.

“How Often Should I Vacuum My Carpet?”

Carpet, upholstery, and rugs don’t get much credit for what they do. We forget that their main job isn’t just looking nice. They capture the dust and dirt that would otherwise be floating about.

It’s an air filter that also ties together a room’s color scheme. And just like any filter, it can’t keep cleaning your home if it isn’t cleaned out.

So how often should you vacuum?

To come out with the right answer, you need to take a couple things into account.

Why Should We Vacuum?Microbes can get lost in your carpet and fester there.

First off, keeping yourself and your family healthy is a big reason to vacuum. We all know not to track a bunch of mud into the house, but there’s a lot of microbes we just can’t stay ahead of.

The average person loses almost 1,000,000 skin particles every day, along with between 50 and 100 strands of hair.

Vacuuming regularly will also save you money. Rug and carpet cleaning will make sure the material is reaching its full lifespan, instead of needing an expensive replacement more often. Adding in installation costs, switching carpets every few years can be a lot of hassle.

And, of course, vacuuming will keep your carpets looking fresh and presentable for guests and your family to enjoy. Clean environments promote good vibes!

Okay, let’s get on with it.

How Often Should You Be Vacuuming?

Pets and Carpets

Furry friends mean more vacuuming!

If you had unlimited resources and no obligations, there are circles that would tell you to vacuum every day.

For those of us with lives, that can be a bit much. Our compromise? You should vacuum your house at least once a week.

You can at least hit the heavily trafficked areas every seven days, and your carpets will be grateful. You also need to get every spot – even under the couch and cabinets – about once a month.

If you get more foot traffic or visitors than the typical home, or you have pets, you should vacuum more frequently, at least every three to five days.

Professional Rug and Carpet Cleaning Sioux Falls

That can sound like a lot of work, but if you get into a routine, you can stay ahead of the dirt and dust.

Whether you’re getting a high quality vacuum across your floors once a week or once a month, carpet manufacturers will still recommend professional cleaning at least once a year. Let us know if you’re due for a cleaning, and we’ll put our expertise to work.

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