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Your Carpet is Only as Clean as Your Shoes

Published On: October 19, 2016Categories: Carpet Cleaning

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As long as there aren’t visible tracks of mud on the carpeting, it’s easy to feel like you’re keeping everything clean. But the Intek team wants to remind you that your floors are actually only as clean as the shoes you walk in on.

That’s why carpet cleaning your home is important — especially as you gear up for holiday visitors, the scramble of shopping, and all the sediments your winter boots will try to carry in with the snow.

Tracking the Outside In

Just think about all the places in Sioux Falls you might visit in a given day.

Sure, there’s your office or workplace, but there’s also the parking lot. Did you end up walking in the grass or along the paths at Falls Park? How clean do you think the floors are at your favorite bar or restaurant or the stores at Dawley Farms?

Pets on carpetOur point is, keeping floors clean when they’re exposed to a lot of foot traffic is incredibly difficult. When it comes to sidewalks, it’s just impossible.

And when you get home after a day of work or play, all those places you visited will be carrying a little reminder for you.

Your carpets are subject to all that dirt you, kids, guests, and even pets walk in with.

Switching to Socks

Of course, many people simply take their shoes off at the door and encourage guests to do the same. Whether you’re a renter worried about getting some of that security deposit back or a homeowner trying to avoid costly carpet replacements, switching to socks at the door is a smart move to keeping your home clean.

However, don’t think you’re off that easily. Dirt and microbes like dust mites that you’ve picked up out in the world might jump from your shoes to your socks and then head to the carpet, or just get sifted to your fabrics from where your shoes rest at the door.

Really, tracking in some particles that will dirty up your Sioux Falls carpets is just inevitable. What matters from there is how you stay ahead of the mess.

Carpet Cleaning Sioux Falls Houses and Apartments

At Intek, our advice probably isn’t a surprise. Keeping your carpeting clean is best handled by professional carpet cleaners, and needs to be done with some regularity to preserve your flooring.

For more information on carpet cleaning your home with Intek, contact us or call (605) 332-3006!

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