leaves in gutter basement water damage

Playing in leaves with the kids can be fun, but letting them cause basement water damage this fall or winter won’t be.

If too many leaves clog your gutters in Sioux Falls, seepage into your basement could leave you in need of some water damage restoration.

Don’t Risk Clogged Gutters

Clogged or leaky gutters risk basement water damage, as we’ve said, but they could also put the gutters themselves in disrepair. Another costly reason why you need to clean out your gutters is the potential damage water can do to your roof.

Wood exposed to the elements too long might rot, which is a huge problem for homes with a wooden foundation. Even a concrete foundation might risk cracking with too much water accumulation.

Standing water can also invite insect infestations and drown your landscaping – including perennial plants that should have made it through the winter.

And you absolutely need to have clog-free gutters come winter. Frozen water in your drainage system can form ice dams that enhance the risk of roof leakage, gutter cracks, and basement water damage.

Give the Water Somewhere to Go

Your gutters give water a natural path to follow off of and away from your house – funneling water through the downspout and onto your lawn. Without that flow, too much water can accumulate around a home’s immediate perimeter.

To prevent overflowing rain gutters in Sioux Falls, be sure to do regular cleaning. Find a sturdy ladder, make sure it’s secure, and free the gutters of soggy leaves and other debris.

You’ll probably want to fish out some gloves. If you’re really brave, you can go the Phil Dunphy route – but it’s not for the faint of heart:

Tackling Water Damage Restoration

It may not be as bad as slaying a feathery family, but any amount of flooding in your house is no fun.

If you already experienced basement water damage – and you’re kicking yourself for not cleaning out those gutters sooner – don’t stress too much. Just give the Intek Sioux Falls team a call, and we’ll be happy to assess the situation and get you a quote on how we can help.

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