House in snow

How do we keep the warm air inside when we’re duct cleaning Sioux Falls homes in the winter?

It’s thanks to the duct cleaning system we use instead of the traditional truck mounted rigs some other guys work with. Our equipment allows us to clean the ducts without letting much heat escape the house.

That’s right. Even when the temperature in Sioux Falls is lower than Antarctica’s, Intek Cleaning & Restoration can get the job done without welcoming the cold in through your front door.

Intek vs. Truck Mounted Duct Cleaning Systems

Our vacuums are able to access more places than a truck mounted system, and don’t require you to leave the door wide open – just cracked enough for our small air hose. With other systems, you are running a large vacuum hose between furnace and truck – letting more heat escape.

So whether we’re talking a large commercial building or duct cleaning Sioux Falls houses, our method is more secure – having a door or window only partially ajar doesn’t attract unwanted eyes, and means you don’t have to worry about kids and pets darting out of the house.

Truck mounted vacuums also pull the warm air all the way outside to their filters, while our HEPA filter allows the warm air to remain in your home.

Winter Duct Cleaning in Sioux Falls

So not wanting to leave a door or window open for a cleaning system’s hose makes sense, but why trouble yourselves about duct cleaning in the winter anyway?

First off, if you haven’t hired a cleaner in the 3-5 years, you’re overdue. But it’s also important to consider winter cleanings because your family is home more in the winter, and those ducts are working hard. Plenty of dust, bacteria, and mold can congregate during that strain.

Keep Heat In: Call INTEK for Duct Cleaning Sioux Falls Homes

Stay warm, but get your ductwork checked and cleaned. Companies like ours do get busy every winter, so you’ll want to book us in advance -or as soon as we’re free!

To learn more about our Sioux Falls duct cleaning services, check out this informational FAQ page.