Now that winter is in full swing, it’s time to crank up your furnace. But how do you know if your furnace and ducts need cleaning before being subjected to heavy use? 

At INTEK, where we do furnace and duct cleaning in Sioux Falls and Yankton, we recommend cleaning your furnace and ducts once a year. Try to schedule furnace maintenance in the fall, before winter arrives and businesses such as ours are flooded with requests for furnace and duct cleaning.

Save on House Calls With Furnace Maintenance

An annual furnace cleaning and checkup will go a long way toward saving you from HVAC house calls during winter when you need your heat the most. You’ll also preserve the longevity of your system, save energy and prevent health risks.

Lack of furnace maintenance is a major culprit for the no-heat calls HVAC businesses receive routinely every winter. If not properly serviced, your furnace can suddenly stop functioning and can also be susceptible to carbon monoxide leaks, which can cause nausea, headaches and other illness. A routine checkup will spot such leaks and other mechanical issues.



Hire a professional team to do your furnace and duct cleaning in Sioux Falls and Yankton at least once per year. Furnace and duct cleaning consists of cleaning components of your heating and cooling system, including the supply and return air ducts, vents, fans and more. Sometimes these parts can become dirty from dust, pollen or other debris and cause allergy issues.

Ducts Might Require More Attention

Additionally, moisture build-up in ducts can create a home for mold. Your air ducts might need cleaning more than annually due to special circumstances, such as:

* You recently remodeled or completed construction in your home. Drywall debris can be circulated through your ducts during construction.
* You have just moved into a home.
* If you can see dust or debris released into the home.
* Your home has visible mold growth inside hard surface ducts or on other parts of your heating/cooling system. (Please note that insulated air ducts that have been wet or are moldy may need to be replaced).
* Air ducts are or have been infested with rodents or insects.
* You or family members experience unusual allergic symptoms or illness.

INTEK Offers Furnace and Duct Cleaning in Sioux Falls and Yankton

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