Ensuring a Better Life for Your Area Rugs

Area rugs are perfect for grounding a room’s aesthetic, cutting down noise, and giving your bare feet (or your pets) something soft to enjoy.

Sometimes, we encounter homes where great rugs are being forgotten. We wanted to offer some tips on making a rug last.

As your carpet cleaning team, rugs are right in our wheelhouse. Here’s our advice on ensuring a better life for your area rugs.

Give Your Rugs a Break

Once you’ve found a good rug, it can be heartbreaking to have it get worn out or torn – especially after an entire room is designed around it.

To get a longer life out of your area rugs, you should rotate rugs at least once a year. The ability to rotate your rugs is one advantage over regular carpeting. Letting sunlight and feet fall on a rug differently takes pressure off the most used areas.

Move your furniture around to change up the natural pathways people take around your rug. This lets you get more out of the entire piece instead of wearing through one section.

Use an expanse of quality padding under your rug to protect it from normal wear and tear, dirt, and the occasional spill. Plus, you’ll give your feet a bit more cushion.

Clean Your Area RugsArea Rugs

Like with your carpets, rugs need to be regularly vacuumed. If the edges are fringed, be careful not to pull or tear at them with the vacuum’s beater bar. Instead, use a hose attachment to more delicately clean the outside.

It’s also important to remember to vacuum the area underneath your rugs!

If your rug has too much shag or you’re worried your vacuum might damage it, use an attachment without a beater bar.

Even if your area rugs are treated to frequent visits from the vacuum, you’ll want to treat them to a yearly play date with our Yankton or Sioux Falls carpet cleaning teams. The occasional professional rug or carpet cleaning is vital to furthering the life of your trafficked fabrics.

Better yet, when you get your area rugs or carpeting treated by Intek, you know you’re getting the utmost care and attention on a quality cleaning.

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