Sioux Falls Bonfires & Summer Fire Safety

Fire damage restoration isn’t a service anyone wants to use, but there are some things you can do to make it less likely we’re needed at your house.

Let’s talk about a few tips to keep your home safe when you’re having a bonfire or grilling this summer.

Fire Prevention: Know the Law

The same way we don’t want you to ever need our fire damage restoration team, we really don’t want you to break the law either. Make sure you know about recreational laws, rules, and ordinances are in place for your city.

Don't Turn Your Puppy into an Accomplice

Don’t turn your puppy into an accomplice!

For example, Sioux Falls bonfires are only legal if you have a permit. Those can be obtained by going through the Sioux Falls Fire Prevention office (call 605-367-8093).

Yankton’s rules are very similar, and you can contact the Yankton Fire Department for specifics (call 605-668-5228).

That said, know the difference between bonfires and pit fires. Bonfires are classified as larger burns, with a pile of timber above ground, while controlled and contained fire pits create a safer space for recreational fires.

When in doubt, consult your location fire marshal first. Better safe than fined, better safe than burned.

Summer Fire Safety Tips

A lot of these tips are drawn from the advice (and rules) of both Sioux Falls’ fire prevention office and Yankton’s fire department

The quick version? Make sure you’ve taken the precautions to avoid escalation if your fire does get out of its confined space.

  • Keep fire 15 feet away from any combustible structure (house, fence, shed, etc.)
  • Fuel arrangement should be firewood or charcoal – not gasoline, trash, or other combustibles!
  • Recreational fires should only be 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet high

Fire prevention is about heading off escalation. If a branch or log gets away from your ring, don’t give it anything to engulf. That’s why it’s especially important not to have a fuel source.

Also remember that a lot of cities – like Sioux Falls – have rules about creating a smoke nuisance. That would be “any smoke-related nuisance to a neighbor or to neighboring businesses.” These rules prevent health and odor issues.

Need Fire Damage Restoration Help?

Please don’t. Practice proper summer fire safety, and hopefully you won’t be calling us.

But if you do need us… That’s what we’re here for.