water damage clean-up video sioux falls

Although we always hope these situations don’t happen, we’re here to help when the… “sewage” hits the fan. Or seeps into your basement.

Water Damage Restoration in Sioux Falls

At the beginning of July, sewage seeped into several homes in east Sioux Falls when a water main broke. As KELO puts it, these homeowners  “faced a problem most adults never want to see, smell, or clean up when sewage began filling the basement.”

See their report for yourself (and start the video 23 seconds in):


Water damage clean-up is never fun, and it’s even worse when that water isn’t water.

That said, you shouldn’t have to feel powerless if sewers surge into your basement. As Jerry said in the video, Intek Cleaning & Restoration has been cleaning up messes like this for 33 years – so we know the drill.

Need Basement Water Damage Clean-Up?

Whether it’s flooding from the rain or sewer seepage, having water in your basement is a crappy situation. Don’t tackle it alone.

Contact Intek about water damage restoration, or call our emergency 24/7 number at 1-800-456-5004.