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Why You Need to Schedule Your Holiday Carpet Cleaning Early

Published On: November 3, 2017Categories: Carpet Cleaning

why you need to schedule your carpet cleaning early

The question we probably get asked the most often is “how often do my carpets need to be cleaned?” The answer, every 6-12 months, can be found in detail here.

But the question we wish more people asked (or knew the answer to) is “how early do I need to book a carpet cleaner?”

How Early Should I Book Intek?

This time of year especially, with big family holidays looming, is when a lot of people start thinking about getting their carpets cleaned. If that’s your goal, hopefully you already scheduled an appointment.

In a city this size, the best of anything is going to be in high demand. Intek is booked solid for at least three weeks on carpet cleanings.

Unfortunately, there’s no next-day booking for the top-quality carpet cleanings that Intek does. To get the most capable team servicing your carpets, you’ll need to plan ahead and schedule early.

So if you’re looking for a carpet cleaning in December ahead of hosting your Christmas gathering, the time to book is right now.

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Best Holiday Package

When you check out our carpet cleaning service packages, make sure to consider the spot coverage in the platinum plan!

The platinum carpet cleaning package doesn’t have a stocking-stuffer price, but it’s perfect for making sure any and all stains are pre-treated and primed for removal.

This package also provides you with 14 day free spotting or spill clean, and includes furniture moving to make things easy on you as you prepare for Santa.

Book Your Carpet Cleaning

Everything comes at us pretty fast during the holidays. Don’t hesitate too long and get stuck with a cleaning date weeks after you’d hoped to have everything in order.

Contact us about the package of your choice through our website or call 605-332-3006.

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