Sioux Falls Christmas Tree Fire Safety
Few sights are as beautiful as a lit Christmas tree.

That is, when it’s lit by tiny light bulbs, not lashing tongues of flame. If you’ve still got your Sioux Falls Christmas tree up, stay on top of holiday fire safety!

Sioux Falls Christmas Fire Safety

If your family gathers around a real evergreen to unwrap presents each year, make sure that pine is properly hydrated. The National Institutes of Standards and Technology‘s report on Christmas tees found that they are far more likely to light up the ugly way if deprived of water.

Each year, about 200 house fires break out because of Christmas trees. That’s not a huge number, like the annual fires resulting from candles in the home, but you still definitely don’t want to be one of the 200!

How to Avoid a Christmas Inferno

A dried out tree is ripe for forcing you to remodel your living room, so take care to avoid one of these Sioux Falls fire scenarios.

First off, keep your Christmas tree, whether real or reusable, far away from those pesky candles we mentioned before. Really, there’s no excuse for an open flame near the tree while it’s in your house.

That said, you also shouldn’t burn the tree yourself. Apparently one fourth of those 200 fires are started by people lighting their tree themselves? Don’t do that.

And again, make sure your tree is drinking plenty of fluids from the time it sets up shop in your home. A hydrated tree is a happy tree, and a happy tree is less inclined to burn down your house.

When Fire Safety Falls Short…

It’s time to call Intek! If you’ve had a Sioux Falls Christmas turn into a holiday open house for firefighters, we’ll help you restore your space to put that memory behind you in the new year.

Give our emergency line a call at 1-800-456-5004, or click below.

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