Who is Intek?

Jerry joined the Intek team in 1984 and ever since then, his goal for the company has been to provide the best cleaning services to customers in the Sioux Falls area.

We specialize in water and fire mitigation, full-service carpet cleaning, furnace and duct cleaning, and mold remediation. We also do all of our own reconstruction.

If you need it clean, we’ll take care of it.

Where in the Home Could Water Become a Problem?

Water damage in the home can start slowly!

Jerry talks about a few places where water damage can sneak in, specifically your refrigerator lining. He says it might be slowly leaking and you may not realize that it’s a problem until the whole kitchen flooring becomes warped! 

The most important tip from Jerry: wherever there is a hidden water line, there is a risk of water damage.

Dripping water in the home is the biggest thing you should worry about. Because there are a number of stages of mold growth that happen before it’s ever hazardous to your health.

What Does the Intek Crew Do?

Trish and Jerry talk about how the Intek crew tackles a project.

First, our crew starts the mitigation process and then starts tearing out anything that will slow down the drying process. Then, the Intek group of carpenters come out and mitigate the mold. Finally, the crew puts everything back together.

We’re experts at duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, and helping you recover after a fire incident in your home. Our care and attention to detail will help you get back to normal quickly.

How a Small Fire in the Kitchen Can Affect the Entire Home

Trish asked Jerry how even a small fire in the kitchen can affect the whole house. Jerry explains that when a fire happens, there’s heat and the soot from whatever’s burning on the stove that gets into the air currents and spreads throughout the entire house. More often than not, the doors in the home are open and by the time you figure it out, that soot is everywhere.

Intek has a very thorough process for fire mitigation that even includes cleaning every item in your home that’s been affected by soot!

Thank you to Home Ideas and Trish Murphy for letting us share a little more about how we can help South Dakota homes recover after a crisis!

Recovering after a House Fire

We know that people are oftentimes overwhelmed by everything they think they have to do to clean up after a house fire. But if you just make one phone call, we can come out and help you through. We can get you set up with your insurance company, we can explain what’s going to happen with every item in the house and how we will fix or repair everything.

Our crew is also trained extensively in water mitigation and mold removal. We’ve experienced hundreds of fires from small to large, so we’re more than ready to help with fire damage restoration!  

Just give us a call! We’re also available 24/7 at 1-800-456-5004 for any kind of emergency that you would have.