An office that could be healthier, more efficient, and have happier clients if the business manager calls Intek.

Have you ever thought about hiring a professional cleaning company for your office, but you’re worried about justifying the cost? Maybe you’re used to having staff members take care of the cleaning, and maybe one of those staff members is you! 

If that’s the case, think about how much time and energy you spend on Sioux Falls building maintenance: keeping carpets, tile flooring, cubicles, bathrooms, break rooms, and executive offices cleaned on a regular basis.

If you make the decision to hire a professional cleaning service, you’re making a decision to save time and money while helping keep your employees healthy. And making a great impression on your clients or customers!

Intek’s commercial cleaning crew is experienced and attentive, so your office space stays squeaky clean! Get in touch to get our team on the scene.

1. Save Time and Money

Cleaning several rooms takes up a lot of time. Let your employees spend their time focused on their daily tasks and let us focus on keeping the tile flooring looking great

And if you’re tired of buying tub after tub of cleaning supplies, hiring a cleaning service means one less thing for you to add to your shopping list! We bring all of our own cleaning equipment and supplies. When we’re done, we take it with us so you don’t need to worry about finding a place to store the mop bucket. 

2. Keep Your Employees Healthier

Do any of your employees suffer from asthma? Have you ever noticed a little extra sneezing after the seasons change? Regularly maintaining your office space keeps dust from building up and irritating respiratory problems! Help your team keep their inhalers down by making sure your space is dust free.

When our team is responsible for keeping your space clean, we also focus on keeping the ducts clean, which can greatly contribute to the general air quality in your space too. Your customers and your workforce will breathe easier after we’ve been there!

You can also help keep your office healthy with regular cleaning because we catch mold growth before it becomes a problem! Mold growth in an office is a huge health risk but it can be avoided with the right team in your corner. Intek has the experience it takes to keep any potential mold risk in check. 

3. Enhance Your Customer’s Experience

If your client drops her purse and she has to get on her hands and knees to hunt for her chapstick, would she still leave your office with a great impression of your business? Your office space is an important part of the customer experience! Clean spaces help strengthen customer relationships, and that affects your bottom line!

Get the Best from the Best

Make sure you’re giving the best impression you possibly can without breaking a sweat! Save yourself some valuable time, take the burden off your employees (or yourself!) and enjoy a squeaky clean workspace.

Get it all by picking up the phone and getting in touch with us about commercial cleaning services in Sioux Falls and Yankton!