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We don’t just clean ducts, we save ducks! Duck rescue in Sioux Falls.

Published On: July 27, 2018Categories: Other Services
Baby ducks, two weeks after big rescued by Intek water technicians.

You may have heard our radio ad that says “we don’t just clean ducts, we save ducts”. That commercial comes from a completely true story. The Intek team is proud to say we actually saved some ducklings this summer!  

We have always taken very good care of our clients, but we recently had the special opportunity to take good care of a few wild members of the world.

Whether it’s duct cleaning or water restoration, we make a habit of making sure our work is thorough. So our team is good at paying attention. And that’s why a few of our water technicians noticed some ducks that were wandering around on 12th street in Sioux Falls.

Finding our New Friends

At the end of June 2018, the Sioux Falls area received up to 7 inches of rain. Basement flooding and water damage calls were coming through pretty regularly. 

While some of our water restoration team members were out on a call in Sioux Falls, they saw some baby ducks on 12th street. The ducklings had probably wandered away from their home base with their mother because of the excessive rainfall.

Unfortunately, those ducklings lost their mom in the journey across 12th street.

Taking the Ducklings Home

Baby ducklings found and saved by Intek crew.

You can imagine how concerned the Intek crew was for those baby ducklings roaming around by one of Sioux Falls’ busiest streets! They pulled the van over and hopped out and chased every single one of them down. Scooping them up and putting them in a box, the team brought them back safe and sound to our office where they called Animal Control.

Then we posted on our Facebook page about our new friends.

A member of our community saw the Facebook posts and reached out to us. She said her son takes care of ducks and he would be more than happy to take them in and care for them until they can fly.

Baby ducks, a week after being rescued by the Intek team. Baby ducks, two weeks after big rescued by Intek water technicians.

He visited our office, took the ducklings in, and has been caring for them ever since. He’s been keeping us updated on their growth the whole time. They’re happy and healthy and growing quickly! We’re excited for them to be released back into the wild soon!

Intek Cares

We are more than happy to take that same level of care to help you clean up after water damage too! Our 24/7 line (1-800-456-5004) is at your disposal so you can get us on the phone ASAP after the water starts rushing into your basement.

And if you’re not dealing with water, take some cues from our growing duckling friends and keep your home happy and healthy. Hire Intek to clean out your ducts!

Did you know that pollen and dust get trapped in your ducts more easily than anywhere else in your home?  That’s a recipe for coughing, sneezing, and respiratory problems! Get your house back on a healthy track by calling Intek!

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